Creating with plastic ocean trash to Say No to a Plastic Sea. Artist response after a move from a city to a sea. Revised edition 2017.
Front cover: plastic bottle tops washed up on cold seaweed, west coast Scotland. Back cover: red toes and blue plastic washed up on hot sand, west coast Australia.

Documenting the big stuff washed up on west coast Scotland to the tiny sand worn plastic finds in Australia and how the project developed after 7 years collecting in to Letsgotothebeach, a beach wear concept of beach clean designs using plastic ocean trash. (1st production successfully Kickstarter Crowd Funded: 100% cotton beachclean sarongs – tie it wear it wave it + say no to a plastic sea!) Looking for a publisher… meanwhile self published 652 pages, 35mm thick, 1.7 kilos: a discovery, full of colour, some words, lots of pictures, ways of looking, ideas, creativity, inspiration and fun, it’s big. Making visual impact. Something beautiful for something terrible, to get your attention?

A global issue on my doorstep. Documented, collected, created, photographed and written by Hannah Tofts MA RCA, artist/designer/accidental eco participator, Scotland. Designed and produced by Jan Battem, Amsterdam, Smart studio shots photographed by Shannon Tofts, Edinburgh,

“more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050”