Plastic Sea: the book

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PLASTIC SEA CREATIVE BEACH CLEAN. Big story discovered in small community, global issue on my local coastline. ARTIST DOCUMENT; seen, collected, made, written, designed and developed over 6 years on the west coast of Scotland by Hannah Tofts, artist on location. Making with plastics washed up in the sea. Creative response to plastic marine litter to show to be aware. Marketing images, campaign ideas, publicity events? Created after a move from city to sea. Visual impact for global impact. Aiming to find a publisher/distribution, to tour creative events/workshops/exhibitions/installations/online links for children and communities, rural and urban, small and big. To creatively map our coastline: Awareness-with-Art.

See Highland Spring insects, Unilever faces, Tesco aquariums, Persil mini-worlds, Ariel birds, Marks+Spencer pink, Sainsburys’ orange, B+Q flowers and Co-op’s green bags for flags, Albert Hein tomato boxes, Hema cream tops, Spanish and Italian water bottles… just about everything you chuck away at home ends up on someone’s beach, wherever in the world. I love plastic! but not in our sea

SELF PUBLISHED. Documented, made and written by Hannah Tofts MA RCA, CREATIVE CREATURE on location in Scotland. Designed and produced by Jan Battem, Amsterdam, Studio still lives photographed by Shannon Tofts, Edinburgh,

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