About Hannah

CREATIVE CREATURE  designer/artist/author/teacher MA RCA  hannahtofts@hotmail.com

Passionate about art and design, ways of looking, inspiring creativity, documenting the story to share. Working in 3d, big, small, collage and paint in London followed by 14 years in Amsterdam. I love the commitment to design in Holland, respect of the creative, street inspiration and my bicycle but I moved to the west coast of Scotland for the big outdoors, new horizons and teaching again.

Creative thinking and making for all ages:

  • zzebbraa: a children’s character for 2-5’s, inspiring looking with quirky collage,
  • creative workshops for children 6-12 and primary schools,
  • teaching teachers, and BA and MA Graphic Design students,
  • the art class: teaching Art for Beginners, adults,
  • inspiration for all the family across the world: Plastic Sea
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