Art 4 Kids: school: all in a box


I like the theatre of a box. It’s a frame, a container, a platform for a scene to play with, for words and feelings, a collection of things, a mini world. I called this series Boxariums. I had already made a series of Aquariums. It began as an idea for a book about making; each box shows a simple technique about making with collage and paper.


Desert boxes, Jungle boxes, Sky boxes, Fish boxes, Beach boxes, Butterfly boxes…



I ran a 2 day workshop at Kilmartin Primary School in Scotland…I asked them to collect lots of boxes and magazines they’d normally throw away…they collected a staff-room full! We made Aquariums with the young ones, and Mini Worlds for the animals with wobbly heads with the older group. It was a very busy day of paint and collage…improvising with what picture scraps and textures we had to make seaweeds, jungle leaves and icebergs…



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