Art 4 Kids: school: printing+inking


Looking at ways of capturing light beams with the whole local Primary School and their theme: Lighthouses…Lino and polyprint printing was challenging since we are so used to drawing a mark in black, not white, but when each child saw their cut away marks made light they were thrilled; such great results. We mixed Blues in acrylics which was a full on fun, messy and happy memory for all; children don’t get to play enough at school with mixing paint and see there are more colours than the primaries. Courageously I worked with the youngest children with Indian ink and coloured inks on watercolour encouraging splashy soft mark making, with none on the floor. I printed up a limited edition of prints, 5 each per type, per child for 36 children for an exhibition I put up for a day for the school to sell their work; boy did it look professional. Never under present a piece of children’s work however low the budget; the children were so utterly proud!

IMG_2224.jpg IMG_1453.jpg IMG_1481.jpg IMG_2237.jpg IMG_1721.jpg IMG_1725.jpg IMG_1941.jpg IMG_2190.jpg IMG_2335.jpg IMG_2162.jpg IMG_2329.jpg IMG_2333.jpg IMG_2135.jpg IMG_2130.jpg IMG_2127.jpg IMG_2119.jpg IMG_2117.jpg IMG_2138.jpg IMG_2146.jpg IMG_2108.jpg IMG_2159.jpg IMG_2225.jpg