Artworks: Seascapes series 1


I’ve been collecting odd bits of wood washed up on the west coast beaches in Scotland for over 2 years now, drying them out on my mum’s under-floor heating or on her AGA, much to her sighing patience….


IMG_0912.jpg IMG_0012.JPG IMG_0783.JPG IMG_0758.JPG IMG_0062.JPG beachfinds_10 - 038.jpg beachfinds_10 - 044.jpg beachfinds_10 - 048.jpg

I found some sail like shells on just 2 metres of the beach, and an odd box of broken wooden toys in the attic…I’ve never painted seascapes before…never worked with wood before…but with a wood-workshop on site, I started scrounging offcuts from the boys and odd house build sites…and with a pot of white emulsion, looked at my new horizons…


I made these seascapes to make into cards to sell by any coast…

Library - 6032.jpg

…and then we hung an exhibition in a barn, and sold them all. The next series is due out soon..

scotland_art+boogie_09 - 10.jpg

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