beach clean 2014

IMG_4396.JPGmonday 31 march : looking for those tiny things, leftovers from the beach clean, meshed in to the seaweed; pity the sea creatures, the filter feeders, the birds.. where tiny fills their bellies big

Our annual beach clean of 109 black bags- such a clean beach and jolly bbq with live pet lambs… and it didn’t rain!

IMG_4373.JPG IMG_4374.JPG IMG_4383.JPG IMG_4379.JPG

IMG_4607.JPGmonday 7 april : funny how much more you see with the big stuff gone

An early Easter beach clean on the other side of the peninsula with the game family, ever keen to make a fire and melt marshmallows!

IMG_4651.JPG IMG_4629.JPG IMG_4639.JPG IMG_4616.JPG

IMG_4707.JPGmonday 21 April : as it gets drier the seaweed reveals the tiny tiny stuff, but it’s getting less

Just back from Sussex; was shocked to see the plastic marine litter washed up so far inland…


IMG_4730.JPG IMG_4729.jpg