Beginners Art 1: Ways of Looking

artscourse_spring_09 - 072.jpg

Art Classes: 10 weeks : 2hrs for total, absolute adult beginners ages 45-92 who had all been told they couldn’t draw at school and were all scared, hesitant and lacking in confidence. Block 1 : My own ‘foundation course’ run from a village hall on the west coast of Scotland. I wanted to inspire and encourage, to free them up, to help them be bolder, to give them fun and an experience to remember, to help the adults explore and play as much as children are allowed to do, to show them everyone can draw or paint, make and do…to dare to make a mess…the only rules were they couldn’t take their work home to throw away and absolutely no rubbers! It was an incredible journey for us all. Their progress is astonishing and inspiring to follow, now in a book, I Can’t Draw… for sale, print on demand.

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