Beginners Art 2: Looking at Line


Art Classes: 10 sessions : 3hrs from the village hall, for adult beginners who said they couldn’t draw, completed my informal foundation course aiming to provide building blocks to see. Block 2 : exploring mark making, qualities of line through different mediums such as chalks, charcoal, lead pencils, ink pens, paint, inky brushes and printmaking, daring to find your own hand language…

advancedbeginners - 527.jpg advancedbeginners - 051.jpg advancedbeginners - 525.jpg advancedbeginners - 121.jpg advancedbeginners - 164.jpg advancedbeginners - 233.jpg advancedbeginners - 328.jpg advancedbeginners - 369.jpg advancedbeginners - 391.jpg advancedbeginners - 273.jpg advancedbeginners - 498.jpg advancedbeginners - 473.jpg

To free up the fear and hesitance of drawing I set collage home-works. A quicker medium to explore composition which is vital to learn and feel. Easier to move cuttings around your page until satisfied. The results were utterly sensational, though none of the students ever liked their work!

advancedbeginners - 154.jpg advancedbeginners - 441.jpg advancedbeginners - 151.jpg advancedbeginners - 148.jpg advancedbeginners - 249.jpg advancedbeginners - 238.jpg advancedbeginners - 248.jpg advancedbeginners - 244.jpg advancedbeginners - 351.jpg advancedbeginners - 350.jpg advancedbeginners - 548.jpg advancedbeginners - 541.jpg