Beginners Art 3: Looking at Colour

advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 756.jpg

Art Classes: 10 weeks : 3hrs outside throughout the glorious summer on the west coast of Scotland. Block 3 : the adult beginners are improving with the luscious experiences of colour! Experimenting with splashy inks and bold non hairy pastel chalk drawings…getting bolder and drawing on bigger formats…it was a fantastic leap in progress…full of sensation and definitely inspired by being outdoors in bright light and curious locations…what energy!

advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 057.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 294.jpg advancedbeginners - 568.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 159.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 619.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 677.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 308.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 190.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 261.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 383.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 421.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 505.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 758.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 770.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 763.jpg advancedbeginners_colour_10 - 787.jpg