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A road trip south just missing the storms for a visual exchange of grey for any other colour… via the city golds of Autumn and Australian Art at The Royal Academy, London, then the storms, pinks, cafes and oranges of Amsterdam.

I’ve seen and learnt a lot about Art in Australia, traveled, seen, drawn and understood it’s landscape and in context, learnt a lot through my dad, Creative Director who emigrated 35 years ago and is passionate about art.

Thought the BBC4 series was a good clear introduction to Australia, it’s history and subject matter… I was expecting more than I saw. The ‘beginning’ was amply represented but what happened to the turning point of the 1940’s onwards? Why only one Olsen and Brett Whitely? This was a void. Where were they all… what happened in these 50 years? I love the indigenous bark paintings, think I saw them before in places like The Museum of Mankind as anthropology sample. They are secret and beautiful, but it feels odd as their abstraction in our language is hung as our Art, it felt embarrassed, trying to acknowledge the history flaws. I liked it, but missed great heroes, and the card selection was appallingly chosen and few. Onwards in Amsterdam I missed the Malevich, was still lingering with my favourite outback, next time… it was the week of Canal Art: in tolerant houses, along with m8/Museumnight… sold out it’s so groovy these days. I missed Halloween but bought orange things instead.

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