Children’s Books

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I Eat Fruit!   I Eat Vegetables!   Cool as a Watermelon!3 titles for pre-school children… open flap books making food and word learning fun! In English and 7 languages…

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THE BIG! PLAYBOOK, heavy weight card, 5 x A1 spreads to put on the floor to play…

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picnics, roads, snakes and ladders, farms and a maze with your toys at home…

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I Wish… I wish I was as small as an ant, what would I see?… I wish I was inside a TV… I wish I was in the eye of a hurricane… underwater… up in the sky…. wishing for the best of things… where would I be?

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Zzebbraa goes Splash! or Zzebbraa ontdekt Water! For Curious Creatures… a simple adventure looking at the story of water… see more at

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A series of 8 titles: Fun Things To Make And Do With: Paint, Paper, Print, 3D Paper, Collage, Junk, Parties, DIY… in 10 languages.


and a series of 4 books for a Dutch supermarket using own brand packaging…


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Don’t Put The Cat in the Washing Machine! Fold out and play, with puzzle pieces, words to learn and a story… series of 4 kitchen processes.