creative christmas


I found this beautiful tree without needles up on the hill… I was collecting pizza bases anyway for a rainy day, useful for making easy print tiles. I found a 3 legged plastic reindeer to draw from, and found my wooden toy blocks in a lost box. It gave me an idea for my Christmas cards with a red nose for Rudolph. I persuaded The Art Class that decorating our tree for auction with hand printed ‘baubles’ would be sort of Scandanavian, modern and interesting. We bid for the tree and I kept the baubles tied with stripey string and used them for this year’s Christmas cards. Happy creating… you never know what you will find to inspire. Sorry, this posting was a bit late, hope you made some fun things.

IMG_4357.jpg IMG_4402.jpg IMG_4625.jpg IMG_4642.jpg IMG_2487.jpg IMG_4190.jpg IMG_4192.jpg IMG_4194.jpg IMG_4197.jpg IMG_4391.jpg IMG_4398.jpg IMG_4396.jpg IMG_4401.jpg IMG_4389.jpg IMG_4204.jpg IMG_4196.jpg