Dutch supermarket swops plastic for cardboard tomato box


A supermarket finally swopped plastic for cardboard! A Dutch friend has been collecting Albert Hein’s tomato plastic boxes… I used them for my creative project PLASTIC SEA, plastics washed up in the sea. https://www.hannahtofts.com/plastic-sea-the-book Running workshops with a primary school in west coast Scotland, to raise awareness for the plastic stuff we chuck away which lands on our beaches. I’ve got enough to make 110 Aquariums, then “op is op”. Made-for-a-reason


If you don’t live by the sea it’s easy to ignore. But look at what plastic packaging we buy everyday… It starts at home with all of us. So much of it lands on our coastlines, feeding fishes, killing wildlife. I know, I collect it along with hundreds of other beach clean groups. I’m a designer too… come on supermarkets, why not lead with sustainable thoughtful packaging?