Exhibition: I CAN’T DRAW Art for Beginners 2011

i cant draw_artsfestival_invite_2011.jpgThe e-invitation to the 2 year review exhibition of the Adult Art Classes I’ve been running in a tiny village on the west coast of Scotland for adults who all said they couldn’t draw…you must bear in mind when looking at their progress and amazing achievements that they are non Art College students, locals with ages 40-75, working with me on location in ludicrous weather or in a chilly barn with a very low budget for materials…but utterly keen for their weekly Tuesday 3 packed hours of my passionate, driven and resourceful teaching. We’re all utterly exhausted after wards! I allow no time to worry; just draw what you see…not think! No-one can take their work home until the end of the 10 week block otherwise they’d throw it away…this frees everyone up. And there’s homework too!

It was an incredible exhibition…and an amazing buzzing private view…I had so many people asking to join up for classes…to lose their fear, to loosen up, to be bolder, to experiment with new mediums, to play, to feel colour, to learn to look, to draw big, to make a mess, to allow expression, to discover their own had language, to have fun!

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