festive making with plastic bottle tops 2015!


Happy festive activities this NEW YEAR 2015!   ….now what can you make with this?


I recommend you don’t do this at home unless you have a strong Scottish wind to blow out the fumes, a supportive mother with AGA who’s always game to experiment, oven gloves, silicone foil paper, an old tray, non melting clips, a large collection of plastic bottle tops, a timer, a bookbinder’s nipping press and old pressing boards. However, a steamroller might do. Thanks mum!

making with hannah + PLASTIC SEA creative beach clean


IMG_8862.JPG IMG_8877.JPG IMG_8866.JPG IMG_8873.JPG IMG_8874.JPG IMG_8878.JPG IMG_8881.JPG IMG_8885.JPG