FOLIO : Illustration


I work in collage and 3D…When I moved to Amsterdam I decoded it through Dutch Food traditions using the food packaging with my observations and textural paint. The HEMA is my favourite shop! It’s full of well designed, modern household goods, children’s goods and stationary all for a reasonable price ; true Design for All with flair and quality…it’s also famous for selling half a Smoked Sausage, hot in the shop, my favourite. Watch out when you bite the skin, that the salty juice doesn’t spurt all over your clothes! It is traditionally served with kale and mashed potato ; Boerenkool met Worst!



The HEMA sausage appears in ‘Everything Dutch’ for a promotional Queen’s Day mailing. Press out the Queen’s hair and be Queen for the day…30th April…it all turns orange!

05 Hagelslag.jpg IMG_2042.jpg 09 Olliebollen.jpg IMG_2043.jpg

…every cafe has it’s own particular shape of coffee cup…

IMG_2090.jpg IMG_2104.jpg IMG_2053.jpg IMG_2054.jpg




I painted pears…the Dutch love Stoofperen, poached pears, using a specific variety called Gieser Wildeman which turn a heavenly deep cinnamon pink after 3 hours slow cooking, the Dutch grow a lot of pear varieties, they became my acrylic colour studies…then I painted lemons in 38 degrees in Italy which led to a series of 9 cards for HEMA…and later a series of Tasty Pictures : 4 Recipe Cards for sale in a gift-pack.


IMG_2098.jpg 06.jpg orangefloweropen.jpg IMG_2396.jpg

A series of 9 cake cards and 6 stand up cards made out of washing up sponges, ribbons and buttons and things…



…a series of 9 children’s PLAY! cards with wrapping paper and labels… plus promotion for NIVEA


IMG_2096.jpg IMG_2099.jpg IMG_2094.jpg 01.jpg

Painting flowers…inspired by my joyous weekly trip to the market for cut flowers I’d never be able to afford in Britain…



from sweetie Gerbera colours to Tulips!  See more in BUY : Tulip limited edition prints

tulipmix14.jpg artworks_10 - 07.jpg IMG_2325.JPG Tullip-9*.jpg

I work a lot with collage and shadows, for publishing, advertising and design…I love the play and theatre of the 3d.

05 USA Short Stories .jpg

02.jpg 07 Statsbosbeheer 100yrs.jpg 12 Darlin Investments.jpg 13  Small Zoo.jpg


A series of flower collages and paint…


A series of cards and wrapping paper for an old fashioned sweetie shop…


sweeties b.jpg sweetie3.jpg