Food + Cooking for Primary School Teachers

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I have hundreds of images of food! I love cooking, I love growing food, I love the atmosphere around eating, the presentation of food…I have a lot of kitchen things…I was a teacher for a week in IPABO, a Teacher Trainer College in Amsterdam, teaching the primary school teachers about food and cooking in terms of Sensations. Of tastes, descriptive words, numbers, measurements, weights, dexterity skills, colours, preparation, organisation, countries, traditions, decoration, fun and play… we found you could learn every subject through food!

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6 cooking stations, 6 recipes to be made, presented, tasted, washed up, cleaned and the ingredients re-set up on the table for the next group, all in a simple classroom… and all in my childlike Dutch, we all learned new words, somehow our enthusiasm translated…


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…plus 2 days teaching how to make a simple recipe book…I took in lots of food book and illustration samples to inspire, and some samples made with basic materials, cardboard, material, washing up cloths…suitable for young children…we talked about content and taking a point of view…using photocopies and printouts…they hadn’t ever folded paper or glued before…at the end of the week the students gave a 15 minute presentation of what they’d learnt after cooking, cutting and sticking…they remembered the tactile, the colours and atmosphere…if they were inspired, then they could inspire the children…


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