Fraser Taylor: House of The Art Lover, Glasgow 2015


From the wet green of the west coast to the city to see Fraser from our dancing studio days in The Borough Market in the heady London 80’s: Fraser Taylor over from Chicago for his private view: Bodies of Work at the handsomely renovated Studio Pavilion, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow. from July 18 to August 30. Great new modern space for art and the city. Intriguing to see a tiny slice of Fraser’s prolific work contained in one room presented cleanly, to see what he has been consistently exploring… the big, the bold, line and colour… working across many mediums without hesitance… prolifically when you look at his works online… I like the limited edition prints, I like the dance set… he suits big. I’m so proud… I just want to see more… a publication perhaps?

It’s a well written review:

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