KAAPSKIL museum, Texel, Holland


A museum of everything lost+found in the sea. The biggest collection of plastic marine litter I have ever seen! So much, so densely crammed it was hard to capture; fantastic colourful scruffy plastic stuff collected over 70 years stuffed in a boat shed while the rusty brown ship wreck finds from the 18th century+ are crisply displayed with modern contrast in the fabulous newly designed museum above (designed by Dutch architects Mecanoo). The shiny clean display design is superb. Kaapskil Museum, on Texel, Holland…

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Truly one of the most engaging, surprising, well designed small museums for a very niche subject matter. Though there are 6!! museums of beach-combing in the area. Does the UK have at least one? KAAPSKIL MUSEUM, Texel : http://www.kaapskil.nl/UK

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It was the hardest cycle trip against the wind and slashing rain I’d ever done! By boat from Den Helder, an impressively restored handsome shipping centre in it’s own right, the main loading docks in the 18th century, gifted by Napoleon. Golly it was a grey day.

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Quirky documentary about the Beachcombers on the Dutch Frisian islands… do you find the right or the left shoe washed up on your beach? “Due to Texel’s geographical position, tidal system and strong winds, an estimated two tons of Flotsam & Jetsam washes up on its beach each day.The film follows the lives of the beachcombers (or Jutters as they are known), exploring their relationships and history as extraordinary people in extraordinary situations” Directed by Sam Walkerdine.