kids+youth workshops:arts festival 2014


It was a fun, community run, non commercial, busy, informal Arts FestivaI this year. Lots of us offered up our imput and abilities, it made it diverse and big fun, very energetic. As Vincent van Gogh said: “Great things are a series of small things brought together”. I ran a week of workshops for young kids 4+ in the hall and youths 12+ in the art-barn. 2 hours in the art-barn: I wanted to give the teens a tactile sensation and experience of drawing, looking and painting outside of the school room. Drawing first on A1 to loosen up the marks and bold big shapes, then crabs and lobsters and lots of colour on black, with a painting in acrylic, mixing colours you don’t find in tubes. Packed 6 weeks in to 2 hours! The rough space took away inhibition as we could all make a mess and be loose without worrying about the floor. Inspiring:

IMG_7245.jpg IMG_7230.jpg IMG_7254.JPG IMG_7240.jpg IMG_7269.JPG IMG_7284.JPG IMG_7297.JPG IMG_7278.JPG

Kids workshops with Hannah in the hall printing pirate flags for the parade, making paper mache parrots for the parrot parade, making with plastic finds for birds, bugs, bunting and aquariums… it was busy!

IMG_7353.JPG IMG_7002.jpg IMG_6989.jpg IMG_6998.jpg IMG_7005.jpg IMG_7018.jpg IMG_7008.jpg IMG_7070.jpg IMG_7087.jpg IMG_7122.jpg IMG_7137.jpg IMG_6961.jpg IMG_7307.JPG IMG_7300.JPG IMG_7310.JPG IMG_7348.JPG