knitting for anzac – speedo in sydney

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Knitting and Speedo swimming costumes? All in a modern designed, great creative public space, proud to be in a library: Surry Hill Library in Sydney, Australia where knitted socks are on display?… Australians knitting socks for ANZAC DAY 25 April as a tribute for it’s Centenary, to give on to the homeless in memory for an Australian tragedy in World War 1. Remembering the Red Cross who knitted over 1 million socks for the soldiers.

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The Scottish emigrant Alexander MacRae established his first knitting factory in Regent Street, Sydney, in 1914. It grew and became MacRae Knitting Mills, producing its first swimming costumes in the late 1920s. The name SPEEDO was first used in 1929 growing so successful that the company changed its name to Speedo Knitting Mills Pty Limited in 1942. I never know what I will find on a trip…suddenly I am seeing knitting everywhere…in Sydney!


never seen knitted fish…