Olivia’s beach finds:Dalmeny Beach,Scotland

Olivia age 14, beach cleaner and keen surfer… found all this plastic and took her own photographs… to join in and creatively map our coastline! False teeth?????! It’s funny what you find.

dalmeny-beach-05.jpg dalmeny-beach-25a.jpg dalmeny-beach-41a.jpg dalmeny-beach-52a.jpg dalmeny-beach-06.jpg dalmeny-beach-62.jpg dalmeny-beach-50.jpg dalmeny beach 02.JPGdalmeny-beach-72.jpg dalmeny-beach-58.jpg dalmeny-beach-30.jpg dalmeny-beach-74.jpg

Olivia took me to Dalmeny Beach, East Coast Scotland, full of shells and sooooo much colour plastic… and doll heads?? What a haul! What’s washed up on your local beach? What’s the wierdest, best, funniest, most colourful, most found thing you find? Want to send me your pix? Show the piece against the sea so I can see where you are! Put it in your hand for scale, tell me where, first name and age and we will plot our coast by plastic.


IMG_9519.jpg IMG_9512.jpg IMG_9510.jpg IMG_9500.jpg

..the house was still there!