painting plastic bottles

IMG_4530.JPG IMG_4534.JPGThroughout winter the art class painted and drew my huge collection of plastic bottles as colour, form and shape inspiration. Funny what can inspire…

IMG_4842.JPG IMG_4843.jpg

IMG_4539.JPG IMG_4540.JPG

IMG_3820.JPG IMG_4015.JPG

IMG_3493.JPG IMG_3487.JPG IMG_3492.JPG IMG_3810.JPG IMG_3834.JPG IMG_3990.JPG IMG_4019.JPG IMG_4488.JPG IMG_4480.JPG IMG_4487.JPG IMG_4476.jpg IMG_4474.JPG IMG_4528.JPG IMG_4531.JPG IMG_4535.JPG IMG_4537.jpg