Creating with plastic ocean trash to Say No to a Plastic Sea. Artist response after a move from a city to a sea. Revised edition 2017.
Front cover: plastic bottle tops washed up on cold seaweed, west coast Scotland. Back cover: red toes and blue plastic washed up on hot sand, west coast Australia.

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Documenting the big stuff washed up on west coast Scotland to the tiny sand worn plastic finds in Australia and how the project developed after 7 years collecting in to Letsgotothebeach, a beach wear concept of beach clean designs using plastic ocean trash. (1st production successfully Kickstarter Crowd Funded: 100% cotton beachclean sarongs – tie it wear it wave it + say no to a plastic sea!) Looking for a publisher… meanwhile self published 652 pages, 35mm thick, 1.7 kilos: a discovery, full of colour, some words, lots of pictures, ways of looking, ideas, creativity, inspiration and fun, it’s big. Making visual impact. Something beautiful for something terrible, to get your attention?

A global issue on my doorstep. Documented, collected, created, photographed and written by Hannah Tofts MA RCA, artist/designer/accidental eco participator, Scotland. Designed and produced by Jan Battem, Amsterdam, Smart studio shots photographed by Shannon Tofts, Edinburgh,

“more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050”