PLASTIC SEA: primary school arts event

plastic sea_overhead+kids.jpgCraignish Primary School looking and creating with Artist/Designer Hannah Tofts + PLASTIC SEA (660 page Creative Document to show the story) Collecting plastic washed up from the sea on the local Beach Clean, Argyll, West Coast Scotland, 2015. Hannah’s PLASTIC SEA involved a 3 day creative arts event to inspire and raise awareness about the rubbish we chuck in our sea. Sponsored by the Craignish Primary School Parent Council, Community Grant Scheme (Tesco) and Marine Stewardship Fund, (The Crown Estate). With thanks to the inventive and enthusiastic children, game parents, all helpers, Shannon up a ladder and Berni The Head. Let’s go to the beach…(now a beachclean sarong product to raise funds and awareness to buy). Photographed by Shannon Tofts, thanks for the pupil shots too. PLASTIC FISH 100 pages, NEW! to buy made by me+kids for kids and schools. How to get your eye in…

hannah_cbc_collages_460mmx340mm_6FINAL_Page_2.jpgCleaning the beaches every year for 21 years had got ‘boring’. I was asked to motivate and inspire with PLASTIC SEA, my 6 year creative response to plastic soup, our global issue of rubbish in our sea… but it all starts with looking, before you begin to see, what you can do, to create, to show and have fun. Individual responses x35: using this abstract material of plastic stuff, letting your imagination go free!


Making fishes and oceans, after your mini world floor collages with my plastic toy props to prompt, but with no scissors, glue gun or nails… the stories you created…just wish we’d filmed them.


Bugs and insects was a simple introduction to plastics washed up in the sea; making with the bottle tops and bits, the small things we pick up on the coastline where we live. In the beginning it was easy to collect the big crates and big broken pieces. Now it’s a game to find the tiny things, the tiny bits hidden in the seaweed, sand or rocks. It’s the smallest plastic bit that’s useful and funny to make with. It’s the smallest plastic piece that fishes swallow, that sea creatures filter, that fills a hungry bird… The smallest piece will never disappear, just get smaller like sand grains, will stay with us forever… to make a plastic shore to walk on? What’s in your sea?

IMG_2387.jpg IMG_a0606.jpg IMG_a0617.jpg IMG_a0618.jpg IMG_a0607.jpg IMG_2388.jpg IMG_2392.jpg IMG_2397.jpg IMG_2401.jpg IMG_2443 - Version 2.jpg IMG_2421 - Version 2.jpg IMG_2405 - Version 2.jpg IMG_2463.jpg IMG_2506.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2848.jpg

Thank you all, you fantastically game and creative creatures! What a lot of play and joy… hannah_cbc_collages_460mmx340mm_6FINAL_Page_5.jpg

beach clean christmas.jpg