press pix: artist’s plastic sea trash: scotland

plastic sea overhead+hannah.jpg

“it’s funny what you find…” Artist/designer Hannah Tofts creating with plastic sea trash in Scotland. Creative Beach Clean haul 2015. “I love plastic, but not in the sea” High res pix on request:


‘Flamingo Island off Plastic Soup Atoll in the middle of The Pacific’ Hannah Tofts 2013

IMG_1143.JPG IMG_1072.JPG IMG_6264.jpg IMG_5875.JPG digestive-bottle-crab.jpg PlasticSea_spreads_16.jpg PlasticSea_spreads_20.jpg IMG_1121.jpgPlasticSea_spreads_11.jpg IMG_1675.JPG hannah_cbc_collages_460mmx340mm_6FINAL_Page_3.jpgIMG_a0607.jpg

PLASTIC SEA 660 page creative document making with plastic rubbish washed up in the sea. Self published, Amsterdam. Working with kids to inspire, to show people in cities it matters.


Plastic bag-flag installation 2014. film clip looking out to Jura and Mull. Plastic marine litter issue seen after moving from a city to a sea, Amsterdam to West Coast Scotland.

IMG_3577.JPGIMG_9387.JPG beach clean christmas.jpg IMG_6360.jpg IMG_4883.JPG IMG_3841.jpg IMG_2031.jpg IMG_4115.JPG IMG_3783.JPG IMG_4378.JPG IMG_4142.jpg IMG_8657.JPG looking.jpg

Collecting plastic sea rubbish in West Coast Scotland whatever the weather!


Hannah’s studio! Busy making with plastic sea rubbish, now washed and dried and clean.


x 2 people collecting their household plastic for x 2 years! We laid it all out on the fire-station tarmac.